Selection criteria – Sell baby and kids clothing



New or gently used maternity wear and 0 to 10-year-old clothes

We also accept kids shoes that are new or in excellent condition. We will only accept baby grows, sleeping bags, pyjamas, socks, tights, hats, hair accesories and bandana bibs that are in new condition. The maternity clothes have to be maternity-specific wear, not just “large” clothes.

On-trend and in-season

Styles should be on-trend and in-season – think of items a friend would buy for their kid. Even if it is new with tags we will not accept clothing that is out of style.

Freshly-cleaned clothes

Clothes must be and smell clean.

Clothes marked with the name of the child

As long as other labels are still readable and the writing isn’t on the fabric itself, we will accept marked clothes.


Over 10-year-old clothing

If the clothes are over size 10, we won’t buy them, except for maternity wear. We do not buy adult-size shoes and adult clothes that are not maternity-specific wear.

Used undergarments, blankets and bathwear

We also won’t accept underwear, bras, slippers, blankets, bathrobes and towels.

Well-worn clothes and shoes

No clothing with tears, stains, holes, pilling fabric, damaged and cracked logos or prints, missing buttons, broken zips, damaged seams or with signs of excessive wear will be accepted.

Homemade garments and fakes

We have no doubts on your sewing talents, but only accept professionally manufactured items. All clothes identified as fakes will be rejected.

Clothes without a size label

The size of the garment must be clearly identifiable.


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