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Zero patience for yard sales or classifieds? Send us your maternity and kids’ clothes, we’ll take care of the rest. The best part? You don’t have to wait for your items to sell to get paid. Unlike consignment stores, we pay upfront!

Get paid for the clothes your kids have outgrown – get started today, it’s simple and free!

sell second hand baby maternity clothes  Earn cash (1) 


Pack the clothes in a box. Only include clothing that matches our strict selection criteria.



When you’re ready to send, choose from one of 1,000 drop-off points nationwide. Send us your drop-off point as well as your cellphone number, and you’ll receive a waybill to print and paste on your parcel.

Please note we require a minimum  of 20 items to be sent to us. Select your drop-off point now and contact us via the below form to receive your waybill.

Cape Town customers can drop-off at any time at Cafe Sofia in Sea Point (7 days a week, 8am till 8pm). Collection can also be arranged.



Go to your selected drop-off point to send the parcel. It’s FREE, shipping costs are on us!


     4 – EARN CASH

As we do not work on a consignment basis, you’ll be paid for the full amount before the items are listed, either via EFT or in-store credit for a higher payout – your choice. Once the clothes reach us, you’ll hear from us within a week.

Request your waybill now by filling in the form.

Please note we will not buy clothes that do not match our strict selection criteria.

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Why should I sell to you when I can make more on the classifieds? 

You can probably make more money selling individual pieces on the classifieds, but most moms find it’s not worth all the extra time and effort required. It’s easy to forget how long it takes to take pictures, price items, upload pictures, create ads, answer phone calls and wait for buyers that never pitch up. Selling to Petit Fox often nets more money for much, much less work!

How much will I get and how do you decide on the amount?

The amount we pay depends on style, original price, brand, quality, quantity and category of each item. If the items are judged to be in high demand or a high-quality brand, we will pay you more. We also pay more for items that are new and still have the tag attached, provided they meet our selection criteria. We also take into account the work required to sort, freshen up, style, photograph, list and store clothing and then attract and serve buyers.

What is the difference between consignment stores and Petit Fox? 

When selling kids and maternity clothes to Petit Fox you get paid up front, before the items are listed. With consignment stores, you have to wait for your items to sell to get paid and you have no guarantees that they will sell (or that they will sell at their original price, since they do markdowns to push the sale of your items).

How long will it take before I get paid?

We try really hard to process each parcel as fast as possible. Once the package reaches the Fox Cave, you’ll hear from us within a week and EFTs are made within a week thereafter. Unfortunately we have no control over courier companies and how fast they deliver, so we can’t guarantee their time frames, although most parcels reach us within two weeks.

How do you decide on the items you accept?

We are very strict on quality. For your own satisfaction we only buy items that meet our selection criteria. We do not accept low-quality clothing and will select clothes at our own discretion.

What happens to the items you reject?

What might not be sellable on Petit Fox can still be very wearable. The items we did not buy will be donated or sent back to you (R75). Please note that clothes not claimed/collected within 30 days will systematically be sent for donation. If you’d like to get all the clothes back, a R150 fee is payable into our account.

Our selection criteria


New or gently used maternity wear and 0 to 10-year-old clothes

We also accept kids shoes that are new or in excellent condition. We will only accept baby grows, sleeping bags, pyjamas, socks, tights, hats, hair accesories and bandana bibs that are in new condition. The maternity clothes have to be maternity-specific wear, not just “large” clothes.

On-trend and in-season

Styles should be on-trend and in-season – think of items a friend would buy for their kid. Even if it is new with tags we will not accept clothing that is out of style.

Freshly-cleaned clothes

Clothes must be and smell clean.

Clothes marked with the name of the child

As long as other labels are still readable and the writing isn’t on the fabric itself, we will accept marked clothes.


Over 10-year-old clothing

If the clothes are over size 10, we won’t buy them, except for maternity wear. We do not buy adult-size shoes and adult clothes that are not maternity-specific wear.

Used undergarments, blankets and bathwear

We also won’t accept underwear, bras, slippers, blankets, bathrobes and towels.

Well-worn clothes and shoes

No clothing with tears, stains, holes, pilling fabric, damaged and cracked logos or prints, missing buttons, broken zips, damaged seams or with signs of excessive wear will be accepted.

Homemade garments and fakes

We have no doubts on your sewing talents, but only accept professionally manufactured items. All clothes identified as fakes will be rejected.

Clothes without a size label

The size of the garment must be clearly identifiable.


Become a seller today – save space and earn cash with us.

Please note we will not buy clothes that do not match our strict selection criteria.

Fields marked with an * are required